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ASK Subsea was established in 2005 to provide high quality marine and subsea services to the Oil & Gas industry in Russia and abroad.

ASK Subsea is an experienced provider of subsea inspection/maintenance/repair and construction support services. ASK Subsea provides clients with safe, professional and cost-effective solutions by combining experienced personnel and state of the art technology with proven operations and innovative approaches. ASK Subsea operates several DP offshore support vessels, remote operated vehicles (ROV) and other survey and subsea equipment.


ASK Subsea operates in all regions of Russia including: Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea, Barents Sea and Far East. The company is also involved in subsea projects outside Russia.

The main activities are:

-Hydrographic, Geophysical, Geotechnical and ROV surveys;

-Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair;

-Subsea Construction support;

-Marine trenching and subsea cable & flexible product installation services;

-Marine Engineering;

-Environmental surveys and monitoring at all stages of exploration, development and production;


Russian office: Phone: +7 499 121 80 11, Fax +7 499 121 85 01, E-mail: ash@asksubsea.com

Norwegian office: Phone: +47 37 04 33 81, E-mail: norway@asksubsea.com 

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