R&D Center


As a leading edge company ASK Subsea cannot function without a profound technological support for its R&D process. Improvement of existing designs and developing new solutions is carried out by our in-house R&D Center - a modern technological base for devising specialized and customized equipment and for efficient servicing and maintenance. The Center plays a key role in the company commercialization infrastructure and helps to ensure that ASK Subsea maintains its technical evolution.

Our R&D center holds almost 10 years of experience in innovative design. The Center possesses a workshop that is fully equipped with sophisticated machine and processing tooling and metalworking instrumentation & manned by experienced engineers fully conversant with the latest technological developments. The convenient location on the Black Sea coast gives easy access for efficient testing of the manufactured equipment all year round.

New or improved models of ROVs design and tooling, associated instrumentation, CPTs and geotechnical equipment development plus comprehensive applications software are some of many areas in which ASK Subsea is actively investing its resources.

We keep a sharp focus on the latest trends. This focused commitment together with a close working relationship with ASK Subsea customers and involvement in challenging projects has resulted in construction of a wide range of innovative and even unique equipment.

Significant differentiators