Welcome to ASK Subsea Ltd. - an international provider of diversified geotechnical services! Since its inception, the company has been at the cutting edge of subsea surveys, geotechnical studies and innovative R&D. Visit Services and Manufacturing to see what we can offer to you.

The manufacturer and operator of a wide range of underwater vehicles, ASK Subsea Ltd. also operates two of its own research vessels and a drilling rig for geotechnical studies at a depth to 3000 m.

Extensive experience and in fulfilling challenging projects, combined with highly qualified personnel, permits the successful completion of the most complex tasks proven by practice (Blue Stream (2005-2008), Nord Stream (2006-2009), South Stream (2011-2012), Nord Stream 2 (2017), Tuapse Trough (2017) and other site surveys).

Our mission

Strive to provide our customers with a competent and reliable service, whilst remaining fully compliant with the highest levels of quality assurance and the strictest safety procedures.

Our strategy

Reach new frontiers in provision of top-quality geotechnical data & create sophisticated instrumentation tools for data collection and be open to collaboration!

Our philosophy

Implement comprehensive turn-key solutions in the field of marine site surveys and underwater engineering. ASK Subsea can conduct integrated projects from data collection to geological interpretation and is also ready to provide specific surveys and geotechnical expertise.

Kea strengths & advantages

  • Over 10 years of professional experience
  • Powerful technical and intellectual potential
  • Dedicated R&D facility
  • Synergy of survey techniques
  • In-house and internationally recognized instrumentation
  • High HSE and QC standards
  • Competent personnel and networking with the best experts
  • Extensive knowledge of project context
  • Partnership with many Russian and international agencies
  • Possession of relevant certificates and permits and compliance with standards (ASTM, BS, ISO etc)