ROV Accessories

Thruster 'Bottom Runner'

Designed for installation on ROV and UUV. High power (from 1.5 to 4 kW) in compact size.

Thrusters 'Bottom Runner' Datasheet

Full HD Cameras

High image quality due to up-to-date technological innovations. Fast and efficient mounting.

FullHD Underwater Cameras Datasheet

LED Lights

Low energy consumption, high certainty factor. Can operate in harsh environment for a long time.

LED Lights Datasheet

Pan & Tilt Unit 'PT-20'

Designed for installation on ROV, UUV, stationary and towed seabed videorecording systems

Pan & Tilt Unit PU-20 Datasheet

1-DoF Manipulator

Designed for deepwater applications in hard conditions. Can be mounted to any suitable ROV.

1-DoF Manipulator Datasheet

Fibre Optic Underwater Connector

Designed for connection of on-board and underwater equipment and fast data transmission

Fibre Optic Connector Datasheet

A&D Channel Multiplexer

Can be used whithin ROV, UUV & UAV control systems. Applicable in systems of data collection and logging.

MUX Datasheet