Marine Drilling Rig ARB20-18

Nowadays, offshore engineering surveys are practically impossible without geotechnical drilling. However, depth and type of studies substantially vary depending on the project targets. Sometimes the project budget does not permit to use specialized drilling vessels that are quite expensive. At the same time economically feasible onshore drilling rigs, installed on pontoons can not be used as well as they are not powerful enough to ensure high quality of studies. Our solution for that - a mobile drilling rig!

Main Features


Built for shipment in ISO sea freight containers


Energy independent from the vessel


Can work from cantilever or through the moonpool


Shipping weight of complete system less than 100 metric ton

Main Capabilities

The concept of a mobile marine drilling rig ARB 20-18 built by the Singapore company "Armada Rig Builders" meets the most diverse and strict operational requirements, simultaneously satisfying initially incompatible survey parameters.

It is mighty enough not only to drill to a depth of 700 m and take samples by sophisticated sampling devices but to perform a full set of well tests including CPT along the entire borehole.

Geotechnical and pilot boreholes

24-ton hook load capable of up to 350 meters of API drill pipe


Soil sampling with diameter up to 107 mm


Designed to deploy 3rd party hydraulic push sampling and in-situ testing tools

Installation Options


Any suitable vessel


For shallow water operations


For work in harsh Arctic environment


The drilling rig operation is environmentally safe. It is based on a closed cycle of drilling mud use. All units and components of ARB 20-18 have TUV, DNV certificates. The John Deer engines are compliant with Euro 5 standard.

Main Specification


Height × Length × Width11 m × 2.4 m × 2.4 m
Total height from base to gin pole23 m
Static load capacity30 ton

Active Heave Compensator

Maximum heave3 m
Safety load20 ton

Top Drive

2-speed rotary head pull32 metric ton
Drum capacity90 m @ 22 mm
1 Speed1460 Nm @ 80 turn/min
2 Speed730 Nm @ 160 turn/min

Seabed Frame

Height × Length × Width1.6 m × 1.6 m × 1.8 m
Weight (in air)10 ton
Hydraulic clamping systemYes
Drilling hole diameter304 mm

Mud System

Number of mud pumps2
Discharge rate100 to 150 gal/min
Pressureapprox. 26.6 Bar (386 psi)


Diesel-hydraulic unit2
Power2 × 228 hp